Trump is getting worse

As bad as we thought he might be, he’s becoming infinitely worse. So writes Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post, and it’s impossible to disagree.

What’s really terrifying is that the Republicans in Congress are mostly quiescent. They’re either afraid of Trump’s 35%-of-voters base or they really don’t give a damn about what Tillerson’s done to the State Department, what DeVos is doing to Education, what Pruitt is doing to EPA, what Zinke is doing to Interior and what Ben Carson is doing (or not doing) to HUD.

If Trump does try to fire Mueller, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) should get much of the blame. They have given Trump no reason to believe they will ever stand up to him.

That’s right. The only Senators who are really speaking out against Trump (and even then, not on everything terrible, just on the Mueller investigation) are dying like McCain or retiring like Flake and Corker. The House Republicans are actively supporting Trump and only investigating him perfunctorily before closing up shop without even interviewing indicted witnesses.

If we want a country remotely like the one we had just a year or two ago Democrats have got to win at least one house of Congress back in November. They have to be able to block Trump, to investigate him, and even potentially to impeach him.