Sound adventures

I bought a 19-inch TV (Price: $73) for the bedroom. The thing barely fits on the riser (I had to put it on a riser because there’s not enough space on top of the stereo cabinet to put a TV and a cable box side-by-side), but it does. I probably shouldn’t get a cat, since it would be sure to knock the TV off.

I discovered that a major flaw in television flat-screen technology is that the things are so shallow the internal speakers suck.

I headed out to look at soundbars but couldn’t figure out where I’d place one which wouldn’t block the sensors on the front panel of either the TV or the cable box or both.

I thought about using a couple of red-and-white RCA-plug cables from the TV to the stereo receiver to use its speakers, but I didn’t feel like dragging the receiver out and fiddling with plugs at the back.

I suddenly remembered (AHA!) that about four CPUs ago I got a pair of computer speakers with my purchase. I dug those out of their previously never-opened box, attached one end to the Audio Out receptacle on the TV and plugged the power cord into the last available slot on the surge protector, and Voila, Volume!

I’m feeling clever and frugal. Please don’t disabuse me.