Trump’s corruption

Forbes magazine has done a deep dive into the President’s real estate holdings and discovered that he’s getting paid approximately 175 million bucks a year in rent from tenants like the government of China and major banks like UBS, Barclays, J P Morgan and Bank of America. Coincidentally (or was it?)

In December, Trump tenants UBS, Barclays and JPMorgan, plus Trump lender Deutsche Bank, got waiver extensions from the Department of Labor that allow them to avoid part of their punishment for illegally manipulating interest rates and foreign exchange rates.

There’s more, of course. Read the article and decide for yourself whether Walgreens’ heavy lobbying of the White House facilitated its merger with Rite-Aid this year, a merger the Obama Administration and its monopoly regulators had declined to approve. Maybe it was on the up-and-up; then again, Walgreens’ brand Duane Reade pays Trump $3.2M per year in rent at his building at 40 Wall Street in NYC. Do you think the regulators knew that?

The man is a grifter and a lawbreaker.