So the author of the Trump book isn’t the most savory of journalists. So what?

All of Wolff’s excerpts from Fire & Fury so far (the book was rushed into stores today) read like jayvee fan fiction. They read like a pilot that Steve Bannon himself wrote, pitched to Hollywood, and had rejected 17 times over. They read, in short, like bullshit. And yet…Wolff has audio. He’s got hours upon hours of audio.

That’s from the second paragraph of Drew Magary’s article at GQ about “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, Michael Wolff’s exposé of Year One of Trump and his coterie of hangers-on, family and grifters.

The paragraph continues:

… it confirms what we have all always known to be true: that the president severely lacks the cognitive ability to do this job, and that he is surrounded at all times by a cadre of enablers, dunces, and outright thieves. As much as I wanna discredit Wolff, he got receipts and, more important, he used them. Wolff got it all. Wolff nailed them.

Magary goes on to say that as long as people are polite to Trump, people extend the rights and privileges Presidents of the United States are worthy of receiving, then he will continue to destroy the “norms” we thought were built up in our democracy.

Magary concludes with this exhortation to other White House insiders:

If Trump refuses to abide by the standard (and now useless) “norms” of the presidency–shit, if he doesn’t even KNOW them–why should ANYONE in the press adhere to needless norms of their own? They shouldn’t, and it appears that Michael Wolff was one of the few people to instinctively grasp that, and I hope more White House insiders follow his lead. Sometimes you need a rat to catch a rat.

Amen to that. The White House press corps is still stuck in the mindset that says we’re adults, they’re adults, we’re polite and respect the office and the titles and they should do the same. Meanwhile, Trump calls the reporters purveyors of their organizations’ Fake News, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands at the White House Briefing Room podium and lies to them daily, and they duly take notes and “tut-tut” at her. I know damned well Trump laughs at them; I suspect she does too.