Kentucky Governor Bevin is a spoiled child

Bevin (do I have to tell you he’s a Republican?) has been trying to get rid of the Medicaid expansion put in place by his Democratic predecessor since the day he took office.

He just issued an order that says if his newly-minted work requirement for able-bodied Medicaid recipients is thrown out by a court he’ll take his ball and go home terminate the Medicaid expansion entirely.

In an executive order signed Friday, Bevin said he is directing the Health and Family Services Cabinet to terminate expanded Medicaid if any part of his Medicaid waiver — approved last week by the federal government — is successfully challenged in court and he can’t get an unfavorable final judgment overturned on appeal.

What the hell, it’s only some 400,000 people who will be denied health care. No biggie.

He’s quite a guy, isn’t he? He’s trying to institute Trumpian authoritarianism at the state level.