Packages delayed

The network news told us last week or the week before that the USPS, FedEx and UPS were all “experiencing delays” with all the goods trying to get moved through the transportation system. I’m here to attest.

Mom ordered some gifts via phone from Country Store Catalog on December 6. The goods were picked up/received by FedEx on December 9. They made their way across country from Connecticut to Chino, California by December 15. They have been sitting there ever since, despite my Twitter complaints to FedEx. These packages are expected to arrive on January 2.

Similarly, Mom ordered more gifts from Back In the Saddle, also on December 6. Those were picked up/received by FedEx on December 11. Those moved from Massachusetts to Chino by December 16. They too have been sitting there since then. These are expected to arrive January 3.

As you can imagine, Mom was very disappointed. I was just plain furious. I called both catalog companies and it seemed like they did what they could, getting them to FedEx nearly two weeks before Christmas. FedEx had nothing to offer me but “they’ll get there on the 2nd and 3rd of January.” No explanation of why they have been sitting in Chino 35 miles east of LA for the better part of two weeks has been forthcoming.

I am not pleased with Federal Express, let me tell you.