Unbelievable, Trump. Really? A pedophile?

Donald takes the word of a pedophile that he didn’t do any of the horrid things attributed to him while at the same time calling the sleaze ball’s opponent, a man who prosecuted and convicted two of the KKK members who helped to blow up the Birmingham Church in 1963 and killed four little girls “soft on crime.”

I remain amazed, disgusted and shocked that enough of my fellow citizens voted for this worthless human being to elect him President of the United States. Maybe I shouldn’t be, though. Read what Jim Wright says on Facebook and see what you think.

We’re not better than this.

As I said on Twitter, I am continually appalled by otherwise intelligent people who persist in this denial.

We’re not better than this.


This is who we are. This is who we’ve become. We’ve been on our way to this point for quite awhile now. Bit by bit, inch by inch, day by day. Until we fetched up here.

If this wasn’t who we are as a nation, Donald Trump would never have made it out of the primaries. But see, the thing is, he wasn’t the only one. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the GOP candidates was unashamedly pushing the same message of intolerance, fear, anger, religious fanaticism, war, and xenophobia.

Trump was just better at it.

Republicans unabashedly told the entire world what they were going to do if they got into power. This isn’t a secret, it’s the party platform.