Five years less three weeks

Back in May I noted that it had been just short of five years since my first oral surgery in 2012. On Wednesday, November 1, it was 19 days short of five years since the second oral surgery. I’d had a sharp pain in my mouth in mid-October and called to make an appointment with the ENT clinic, and Wednesday was the day. By that time the pain had gone away, naturally, but I was concerned about it. I got there and described it to the docs and the techs, and they were quite diligent in their probing and searching and pushing (tongue depressors make good crowbars), followed by their scope-down-the-nostril drill again. (Now they can record the pictures they get during that routine and play them back for the patient and the medical people!)

They found nothing. No spots, no lesions, nothing. They told me I needn’t visit them again for a year, unless I felt something untoward.

How about that?

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