Damn Yankees

Mostly on general principles. The Giants and the Yankees are ancient enemies of the Dodgers. There have been 11 World Series in which they have been the opposing teams. Eleven!

The Yankees’ comeback from an 0-2 deficit in the American League Division Series against the Indians, previously the hottest team in that league from July 14 when the second half began (they won 55 while losing only 19), is thrilling if you’re a Yankee fan, heartbreaking if you’re an Indians fan, and just plain annoying if you got sick and tired of the Yankees winning their lousy 27 World Championships during the 20th century.

Now we Yankee haters have to hope the Astros will knock them off in the ALCS. Lola tried hard, but love won in the end.


  1. Kept in proper perspective, the Yankees have won the World Series just 7 times in the past 55 years. And twice in the last 16. The serious years of their dominance was from 1923-1962, which is earlier than 80% of today’s baseball fans can remember.

    And overall, they’ve outdone the Giants in World Series by 4-2 and from 1955 through 2016 are 3-3 against the Dodgers. They’re hardly unstoppable. And this year, the Dodgers have the highest payroll.

    I’d say the odds favor a Houston/Dodgers World Series, even though I’m a Yankee fan.

  2. Ah, Kevin. If you’re a Dodgers fan who’s immersed yourself in the team’s history from its beginning then you have acquired a distinct hatred for the Yankees after the disappointments of 1941, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953, 1956, 1977, and 1978. Yes, 1955 and 1963 and 1981 were great, but they don’t entirely make up for the losses. I am STILL bitter about Reggie Jackson’s deliberately-obstructive hip.

  3. From raised spikes to hurlers who headhunt, I’ve seen a lot of crap players have done through the years that weren’t just cheap shots but dangerous ones. Reggie’s act that day was easy to criticize but it was his mouth that had opposing fans pissed long before he did that.

    I thought the shit doled out to Jackie Robinson and the years when the Padres were loaded with John Birchers were far more serious offenses that linger with me more than that bit of BS.

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