To the phones again!

Next week the Senate Republicans will put forth an abomination called the Graham-Cassidy bill, which intends to repeal the Affordable Care Act and eliminate health care for millions of Americans. Oh, its sponsors would deny that hotly, but it’s nonetheless true.

In reality, Graham-Cassidy is the opposite of moderate. It contains, in exaggerated and almost caricature form, all the elements that made previous Republican proposals so cruel and destructive. It would eliminate the individual mandate, undermine if not effectively eliminate protection for people with pre-existing conditions, and slash funding for subsidies and Medicaid. There are a few additional twists, but they’re all bad — notably, a funding formula that would penalize states that are actually successful in reducing the number of uninsured.

Surely they can’t think this bill helps Americans, can they? Here’s what it does.

People, get on your phones to your Senators and Representatives. Tell them this is a horrible plan. If you’re in a state where the Senators will vote against it, call ’em anyway to say thanks and ask them to try to persuade some of the more moderate Republicans (Collins, Murkowski, possibly McCain).

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