Irma la not-so-douce

I know I have some former high school classmates who live in Florida or who have relatives who live there. My best wishes to all of them. Hawai’i has had its share of hurricanes, but none recently (knock wood) and certainly none the size of Irma.

I was here for Iniki in 1992 and wrote about my experience here. Fortunately for us on O’ahu the wind gusts never got much higher than 65mph. It ripped the hell out of Kaua’i, though. In fact, one of the best-loved resorts there, the Coco Palms, is only now being demolished and restored, 25 years later.

From the television pictures we’ve seen so far of the damage to the islands in the Caribbean that were in Irma’s path, Florida looks to be at grave risk of calamity and huge property damage with no way out. I just hope there are no deaths.