Trump’s Million

Trump pledges one million dollars of “personal money” to Harvey relief.

Now, maybe he’s sincere. I note that millions of Americans have felt no need to publicize their donations to the American Red Cross, the Houston Food Bank or any other charity, but hey, when public figures make a big splashy donation others might be spurred to do the same, so okay.

However, I remember well that our oh-so-generous President made a similar promise to veterans’ groups during the 2016 campaign and didn’t come through with a check until four months after he’d said he had, and then only because he’d been nagged about it repeatedly by the media.

I also remember that our con-man President paid out $25 million to settle a series of lawsuits against him and his for-profit Trump University. You remember why the suits were filed, right?

Students paid up to $35,000 in tuition for a program that, according to the testimony of former Trump University employees, used high-pressure sales tactics and employed unqualified instructors.

Hmm. “High-pressure sales tactics.” We’ve never seen Mr. Trump use those, have we? Come to think of it, maybe not. At least publicly I’ve seen him make very few attempts to persuade or sell a policy. Try to bully people, yes. Persuade, no.

Anyway, if I’m a charity helping people recover from Harvey I would not be counting on his check arriving anytime soon.