Bannon’s out, who’s next?

I think that Trump couldn’t stand the attention Bannon was getting and terminated him for that reason. We’ve seen that Trump doesn’t think anyone working for him should get any praise or even acknowledgment, sort of like the 1st Commandment on those stone tablets Moses got from the burning bush: “I am the President, thou shalt have no other before me.”

In other words, the man is a dog in the manger.

God knows I’m not sorry for Bannon. I’ve felt since the day he was brought into the Trump campaign and then when he was hired to work in the White House that it was a mistake to do so, based on what we’ve been told about his agenda of government destruction. I’m sure he’s got more than enough money to live on as an ex-investment banker and movie mogul. I rather doubt he’s going to sit quietly though; I suspect he’ll spend some time maligning his enemies from his perch at Breitbart “News.”

Now if Trump and Kelly could see fit to rid the White House of that ludicrous fool Sebastian Gorka we’d just have Trump to worry about, which is more than enough.