This is depressing

The G20 became the G19 as it ended. On the Paris climate accords the United States was left isolated and friendless.

It is, apparently, where this US President wants to be as he seeks to turn his nation inward.


He is a character drawn from America’s wild west, a travelling medicine showman selling moonshine remedies that will kill the patient.

And this week he underlined he has neither the desire nor the capacity to lead the world.

This commentary is from Chris Uhlmann, the political editor for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. That’s the public broadcaster in Oz.

Mr. Uhlmann doesn’t pull his punches. You should go to the link and listen to his 2-minute commentary. He expresses no surprise at Trump’s failures and he worries about the consequences of American retreat from the world.

So do I, Mr. Uhlmann, so do I.