But, her emails!

The news of Donald J. Trump Jr.’s email chain about “official documents” that would “incriminate Hillary” must be bitterly ironic to the former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate. After the political press hammered her for months regarding her private email server Mrs. Clinton could be forgiven for asking “why the hell didn’t they look for Trump’s email?

The Washington Post has analysis:

The emails between President Trump’s oldest son and an intermediary for the Russians provide the clearest indication to date that Trump campaign officials and family members were at least prepared to do business with a foreign adversary in the mutual goal of taking down Hillary Clinton.


And at a minimum, the information in the emails demolishes the president’s claim, made as recently as last week, that “nobody really knows” whether the Russians meddled in the U.S. election and, if they did, whether they did so with the intent of helping him and hurting Clinton.

One assumes that Mr. Mueller has leapt upon these revelations with both hands and will soon be asking hard questions of the President’s son, son-in-law Jared Kushner and former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Mr. Trump senior may be holing up in the White House as though it were a foxhole. He hasn’t made a single public appearance since he got back from the G20 conference, which he and his staff think was highly productive and successful and the rest of the world thinks was dismal.

Trump isolated wouldn’t be a bad thing if his phone were taken away from him. As long as he’s got that he can blurt out inanities (Everyone at the G20 conference was talking about John Podesta’s actions with a mail server a year ago? Really?) or incoherencies (“covfefe”) or threats (If China won’t help we’ll solve North Korea ourselves).