Why wasn’t I warned?

Sriracha has been around for several years now, right? I haven’t gotten around to trying it until today. I happened to walk down the Asian food aisle in the local supermarket and saw it in lovely bright red bottles:

Once I got home I had a question before I even opened it: why is this “sauce” measured in pounds? Look at the weight info at the bottom of the bottle. 17 oz. makes sense; my favorite Pace Picante Sauce comes in 16 oz. jars. But why does Hung Foy Sriracha also label itself as 1 lb. 1 oz.?

Ah well. On to the product itself. Tonight was breakfast-for-dinner: corned beef hash, toast and a cheese-and-mushroom omelette. I thought I’d try the Sriracha on the side, since it was my first experience with the stuff. First I unscrewed the nozzle to pry off the foil and the damned thing spat three drops of sauce onto my clean white T-shirt. Grrh! I stripped the shirt off and started scrubbing with soap and water; we’ll see whether that got it out entirely. After that I shook the bottle and squirted a teaspoon onto the plate next to the eggs.

I forked a corner of the omelette and dipped the entire bite into the sauce, and oh my goodness! That is Really Really Hot! Not “fanning the mouth” hot but “sear the lips” hot. I liked it, although there’s almost more heat than flavor, judging from my first serving. We’ll see what it tastes like on burgers or some meat dish next.



  1. You must have missed the news coverage a couple of years ago when the neighbors in the area around the Sriracha factory sued the company because the fumes from the manufacturing were so offensive!

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