Can this man be stopped?

Given the news yesterday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump for possible obstruction of justice, who’s taking bets on how many days it will be before Trump fires Mueller? There have been trial balloons from Trump’s favorite Newsmax publisher on The NewsHour, from Newt Gingrich (is it coincidental that Gingrich has a new book out entitled “Understanding Trump” and might want some ink?), and from various other right-wingers.

So far Congressional Republicans seem to be holding firm on Mueller’s position. Speaker Ryan suggested Trump let the man go on with his work, as did Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Susan Collins.

Since we have all seen that Trump does what he wants to do and ignores advice even when it’s in his best interest to take it, I suspect he may fire Mueller and try to bluster his way past the complaints. That’s when the true test of the Republicans in Congress will happen. If they let slide the firing of the man tasked with finding out if the President of the United States deliberately or even by happenstance took help from a foreign country to get elected, particularly one the US fought a Cold War with for 50 years, their reputations will be tarnished forever. If they don’t turn around and hire Mueller themselves, they will show themselves to be as traitorous as the President is.

I wish I could be confident they’d avoid that trap.