Whining is not a good look

Have you noticed how often Trump whines that things are “not fair” or that he’s being treated poorly? The most recent example of this happened today, when he was giving a commencement speech to the graduates of the Coast Guard Academy and complained that “”No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

That’s another thing. Everything has to be about Trump, all the time. Instead of giving a speech full of platitudes like most commencement speakers, he had to talk about himself. Rather than say “you ladies and gentlemen are going to change the world, etcetera” as almost every other speaker at a graduation ceremony does, he opted for self-aggrandizement and grumbling.

It’s not the first time he’s done this. Every trade deal the United States has signed in the last 30 years has been one which “treated America unfairly.” Hell, he thinks the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) treats America unfairly. Forget the fact that NATO has helped keep the peace in many places, and that peace is a lot more conducive to trade than war is.

Part of this is his unshaken belief that he’s the best deal maker in all of history, a belief unshaken despite the fact that many of his deals have flamed out or have been built on the backs of contractors unpaid and promises unkept. Most con men are at least honest with themselves, if not with anyone else. Trump has managed to con himself as much as any of his other victims.

Now that there’s a special counsel appointed to investigate his and his campaign’s possible collusion with Russia’s government and/or its oligarchs, he may really have something to whine about.