US Attorneys Missing

Back in March Trump’s Attorney General, evil little troll Jeff Sessions, abruptly dismissed all sitting US Attorneys (prosecutors). That isn’t unusual; all Presidents typically ask the people in those jobs to resign and then replace them with attorneys of their own choice. What’s unusual is that a month later not a single one of those positions has been filled. I think this is yet one more example of Trump’s paranoia: he’s refused to let even Cabinet secretaries hire people they want for their agencies if those people haven’t expressed absolute fealty to the Donald.

Sessions, meanwhile, is touting how tough on crime he’s going to be, unlike those wimps Holder and Lynch, who were more concerned about police misbehavior than locking up miscreants for extended periods. What’s unclear to me is how he’s going to execute those policies when he has no lawyers in place to do so.

This is on top of the huge number of Administration jobs going unfilled due to Presidential micromanagement:

Trump personally oversees the hiring process for agency staff by insisting on combing through a binder full of names each week and likes to sign off on each one

Now there’s a good use of Presidential time!