Shoulda stood in bed

Hmm. Who had the worse week, Pepsi and its now-pulled “Kendall Jenner joins the demo!” ad? United Airlines and its “re-accommodation” of a passenger because it needed the space to send four of its employees to Louisville? Or Presidential flack Sean Spicer and his multiple missteps about Hitler and chemical gas usage?

I think I’m gonna go with Spicer. As I saw somewhere on Facebook, surely one of the things you learn on Day One at PR Flack School is “Never compare anything to Adolf Hitler. It will not turn out well.”

It surely didn’t for Spicer. He came off looking as though he knew nothing of the Holocaust, nothing of history, and nothing of the day of the year nor of the week he’s in. Today is the 72nd anniversary of the Liberation of Buchenwald:

On April 11, 1945, in expectation of liberation, starved and emaciated prisoners stormed the watchtowers, seizing control of the camp. Later that afternoon, US forces entered Buchenwald. Soldiers from the 6th Armored Division, part of the Third Army, found more than 21,000 people in the camp. Between July 1937 and April 1945, the SS imprisoned some 250,000 persons from all countries of Europe in Buchenwald. Exact mortality figures for the Buchenwald site can only be estimated, as camp authorities never registered a significant number of the prisoners. The SS murdered at least 56,000 male prisoners in the Buchenwald camp system, some 11,000 of them Jews.

As to the week, Passover began yesterday.