Gah! More car repairs!

The 2005 Mini that I bought in 2012 is about to cost me either $1,516.99 or $1,230.79, depending on whether it’s the Power Steering Pump ($1,240.99 plus $276 labor) or the Rack and Pinion Assembly ($802.99 plus $427.80 labor). If it’s both it’s $2,903.43 with tax.

I paid $6,000 for it five years ago. I’ve only put 5,000 miles on it. I’ve spent $5436.76 on major repairs to it since then. That doesn’t include the monthly premium gas fill-ups, the new battery, the $125 or so for a new passenger-side mirror and paint job for it, and the registration fees that are $100 more than the old Geo’s fees were. The insurance for each car was about the same.

I have to dump this and get a new or newer car.