Master negotiator my (foot)

The subject is the START treaty which caps the number of nuclear weapons held by Russia and the United States. Trump is on the phone with President Putin of Russia.

“Hold on, Vlad, I gotta talk to this guy.”

(Puts hand over mouthpiece)

What’s this deal, now?”

(Putin hears muttered unintelligible conversation from Oval Office. Trump returns to phone)

“Vlad? Thanks for holding. That’s a terrible deal. Let’s tear it up.”

Trump has never seen a deal he didn’t think he could do better. In his mind he’s the best negotiator in the history of negotiations. The fact that he just made himself look extraordinarily weak in front of the other party to the deal won’t even occur to him.

Thank you, Trump voters. When the world blows up I trust you’ll go along with the rest of us.