Let the intifada bloom!

It’s not that I think General Flynn would have advised Trump to support the two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians, but almost any National Security Adviser might have tried to tell the man that suggesting the US abandon it might cause the Palestinians to get angry.

In his news conference with Mr. Netanyahu in Washington on Wednesday, Mr. Trump directly broke with diplomatic tradition on the issue by saying his concern was the “deal,” not whether that included a state for Palestinians.

“I’m looking at two states and one state,” Mr. Trump said. “I like the one that both parties like. I can live with either one.”

You know, this guy has no clue what the job of President of the United States is. He seems to think it’s nothing but a series of negotiations between countries. War, peace, trade; they’re all deals to Trump. Since he’s persuaded himself that he’s the best negotiator in the history of mankind he’s very confident in his ability to force other parties to his will, making “the best deal ever.” Here he is, speaking first of Israel:

I think they very much would like to will make a deal, or I wouldn’t be happy and I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be as optimistic as I am. I really think — I can tell you from the standpoint of me being from the standpoint of Israel, I really believe they want to make a deal. And they’d like to see the big deal.


I think the Palestinians have to get rid of some of that hate that they are taught from a very young age. They’re taught tremendous hate. I’ve seen what they’re taught. And you can talk about flexibility there too, but it starts at a very young age and it starts in the schoolroom. And they have to acknowledge, as you know, they’re going to have to do that.

There’s no way a deal can be made if they’re not ready to acknowledge a very, very great and important country.

So the Palestinians will be lectured by Donald J. Trump and they will come around, just as Israel will be magnanimous to those haters because Trump said so.

The moderate Palestinians are angry, but the militants? Well,

Hazim Kassim, a spokesman for Hamas, said on Wednesday, “What Trump said is new, but whatever he says, we in Hamas still believe that resistance is the only way to liberate our lands from the Israeli occupation.

“It is now clear that the U.S. has provided a cover for aggression, occupation and the confiscation of Palestinian land,” he continued. “The U.S. is never serious when it comes to Palestinians’ human rights.”

It’s hard to disagree.

He’s unfit to be President just on the grounds of naiveté alone.