Glop and scope, glop and scope

This idiotic Texas abortion restriction law that is in front of the Supreme Court today involves a state requirement that doctors at the clinics must have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. Over and over today I’ve heard news commentators and pundits say that there’s no need for doctors to have those privileges; that colonoscopies are much more dangerous than abortions and GI docs don’t need admitting privileges.

This is not what you want to hear when at 5:00pm you have to start drinking the electrolyte glop to prepare for a colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon. Somehow five-plus years have gone by since the last one.

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  1. What, no dulcolax and miralax/gatorade cocktails? That’s what I had to do last time, and while it was not as nasty as drinking the salt water crap the first time around, I will never drink lemon lime gatorade for replenishment purposes ever again.

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