12 cents a page

That’s what it cost me to have 103 pages of medical records from a previous health care provider scanned into .pdf format. I wanted to get them to add them to the records I’m accumulating now, particularly things like colonoscopy results and vaccinations.

That’s not such a bad price ($13.20), but it only covered the years between 2005 and 2010 when I left Kaiser and started seeing doctors at the VA. I’m now considering whether I want to get the remaining years I was with Kaiser copied and scanned. That would be 1980 through 2005 except for about three years in the mid-1990s when I had another provider and my employer at the time didn’t offer Kaiser’s health care.

How often did I see Kaiser docs in those 25 years, I wonder? I remember one major event while they covered me and an additional one with the other provider. Hmm.

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  1. Kaiser will now give you your records in electronic form, but usually only for recent stuff, you have to remember to download the records once a year or so. For the data you want, I’m afraid you’ll have to pay them for paper…

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