Appliances from hell

The fridge ice maker was finally repaired on Thursday of last week and has been producing cubes at a gratifying rate. Yay Sears and Kenmore.

The wall oven, on the other hand . . .

I turned the oven to self-cleaning mode today (to prepare for Thanksgiving, doncha know) and watched as it heated up, ran for about five minutes, and then gave me a code meaning something is wrong with the locking mechanism. Now, a while back we spend about $300 replacing the latches on this door as they’d somehow gotten bent. I was told “never rest pans on the door when it’s open,” something I never have done nor ever will, not when I’ve got a countertop I can reach by pivoting on one foot. The reason we discovered that was that I couldn’t keep the door closed while trying to clean it. When those latches were replaced I ran the self-cleaning function without any trouble, and I’ve done so a few times since, I think.

Now, 10 months after replacing them, I’m getting the same kind of alarm, and I know damned well I haven’t bent the stupid latches. Fortunately we added the thing to our annual maintenance agreement, so any repairs will be free. Unfortunately it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m sure the first appointment I can get to have a tech come is in mid-December.

This is tiresome!


  1. And the instant-hot-water thingie we installed last fall has just failed. We’re just over one year, fortunately when Jim talked to InSinkerator they said, oh, that part has a 3 year warranty; unfortunately, they said, we have no one in your area who can repair it. (Waitaminnit. We live in the frigging San Francisco Bay Area, with 10 million plus potential customers, and nobody around here can repair a wall mounted immersion heater??)

  2. Actually, Jim tells me this morning that “no one in our area” means “no one in our zip code” – a zip code which is almost entirely residential and light retail. So no, there aren’t any plumbers around here – but if you look in Oakland and Berkeley generally there are lots. So the manufacturer can’t tell one zip code from another.

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