That’s nice

It’s gratifying to go see the doctors on a follow-up to your surgery two months ago and be told that it’s all looking good and you should come back in a couple of months. Oh, and see dentists, periodontists, or anyone else you want to about having things done to your mouth.

Hooray for the Tripler docs and hooray for my quickly-healing mouth!

Oh, and look what I found to read in the waiting room: “Never Met a Man I Didn’t Like”, a combination biography and collection of Will Rogers and some of his famous aphorisms. That’s far better than the usual US or People magazines.


  1. That is such great news, it is like a second Christmas gift, this time from a relative stranger.

    My first was that the pathology on my friend’s ascending colon cancer removal (cancer was spotted via colonoscopy) including affiliated lymph nodes was totally negative except for the one tumor that was removed. And she’s already had her staples out (poor thing had the surgery approx. 1 week prior to Christmas).

    2013 has gor a great start.

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