He said gravely . . .

A now-deceased blogger and friend once called Senator Jeff Sessions an “evil little troll.” Since Mac was from Alabama and so is Sessions, I expect he knew more than I about the Senator’s abilities and was accurate in his description.

The Senator has proven Mac right once again: now he’s threatening Jack Lew’s nomination to the job of Secretary of the Treasury for the sensible reason that he “certainly doesn’t bring the gravitas of former New York Fed chairmen like Secretary Geithner and other very prominent people we’ve had as secretary of Treasury, the premiere financial position of the United States government.”

Sessions has a lot of gall suggesting someone else hasn’t enough gravitas, and who said that was a job requirement anyway?


  1. Dammit. I hadn’t realized that Mac had passed away. He was one of the first bloggers to blogroll me when we were both on Blogspot way back in 2002. He was the best at writing snarky one-sentence summaries of news stories; just as he was ahead of his time with sports blogging, he was a Twitter master before that service had even been invented. I’m so terribly bummed right now, but thank you for reminding me of him. Mac was a mensch. May he rest in peace.

  2. Here was the announcement on Braves Journal on September 2 of 2012, and here’s a wonderful post by Joe Posnanski about Mac’s commitment to blogging about the Braves.

    I knew him from his War Liberal blog, not from Braves Journal. He was a wonderful and complicated guy. It wasn’t till he died that I learned which college he worked at (Stillman), although I knew he was an academic librarian. I miss him.

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