Yay us

I went to pick up our Thanksgiving turkey and fixins today at a different Safeway store than the usual one, which meant I drove past the Target store in that neighborhood. As long as I was heading that way Mom asked me to look for a specific item for my niece’s son for Christmas. I went in, found it, and got it. Then, as long as I was in there, I looked for something else for me to give Mom for Christmas, found it, and bought it too.

There. Mom’s got an early start on Christmas shopping and so do I. How many of you can say that?


  1. Um, I have all the stocking stuff done……………I have THREE adults, two son’s and one son’s girlfriend and I still do stockings for them. I need my head examined.

  2. I’ve finished mine. Well, except for one thing I’m halfway through making. But I always start very, very early because I hate to shop in crowded stores, and because a lot of my presents have to be mailed.

  3. Holy cow Steve~ where did the “Orange in the toe, and the candy cane sticking out of the top” tradition come from in our family? I remember it exactly like that at Grandma T’s and my Mom and Dad’s. I have failed in carrying that tradition on with my kids, had I known it stretched so far and wide in the family, I certainly would have! But where did it start?!

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