Medical update part whatever

Ever heard the phrase “Not Invented Here?” It used to be a catchphrase around the tech industry. The theory was that whoever invented that process or product couldn’t possibly have done as good a job as “our” guys and girls could do in-house.

Well, I’ve run into it with that lab report. The ENT guys want to get the tissue and have the Army pathologists analyze it to see if their results match those of the civilian pathologists. Fortunately, that only sets back the potential treatment by a week; I go back next Tuesday to see what they say.

The doc explained something I’d wondered: if a cancerous tumor is smaller than a centimeter it’s not unusual for PET/CT scans to miss it. This thing is definitely smaller than that. You’ll recall that the initial one on the uvula was about 4mm.

If the Army pathologists also find that it’s cancerous, the doc says it’s in a perfect place to do a surgical excision; right behind the front lower teeth and easily accessible. If that’s the treatment they bring me in, put me to sleep, cut, wake me up and send me home.

I’ll know better next week.


  1. And as my Dad used to say, there’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Navy way… (Mare Island Naval Shipyard, 31 years as a civilian non-veteran employee)

  2. Fingers crossed for best possible outcome for you. And best wishes, good thoughts and hugs across the e-ways.

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