I have more junk news on the medical front, unfortunately. This is getting either tiresome or scary, pick your word.

When the dentist was diagnosing my torus mandibularis he noticed a spot on the floor of my mouth at the base of the tongue. We agreed he’d cut out some of it during his repair work yesterday and send it off to a lab for testing.

Today he called me and said the results were not good. My old enemy squamous cell carcinoma has made another appearance. I’m not sure whether it’s spread from the previous episode or is a new occurrence, not that it matters much. What annoys, angers and frustrates me is that I thought the PET/CT scan would have picked this up when it was done in August, and either it didn’t or it got missed.

Anyway, I go off to the ENT Clinic on Tuesday for more consultations about this. Who knows what they’ll suggest this time — I just hope they don’t decide the first thing they’d like to do is get a new biopsy from new tissue and cut some more; it hurts.


  1. Crap. This is crummy news and I’m very sorry you’re having to deal with this, Linkster. Sending healing, pain-free thoughts and all good wishes.

  2. Sorry to hear this. I had a Squamous taken off my shoulder a couple of months ago (they got it all), but the mouth is a much more painful area to get incisions. Good luck with this, buddy. Keep us posted.

  3. I am adding my thoughts to the growing mix of your friends. I too had Squamous cells removed, but admit legs are not as sensitive as the mouth. I hope this is the end. Sending wisdom for your doctors!

  4. Oh Geez, Steve. This road seems to be dragging on longer than it should. I hate that this puts you in line (potentially) for more pain. We’re thinking of you. You will have earned you clean bill of health for sure.

  5. Hey Steve, Sorry to read this. Will send all sorts of positive thoughts for quick healing and an end to this nasty little thing your way.

  6. What crummy news. But thanks for keeping us updated, crummy new or not. Now we’re hoping for “or not.”

  7. Hey Steve, sorry to hear about this! We just got internet and with getting all the “house kinda stuff” we’ve been out of the loop. Hope everything goes well and if you need anything give us a holler!

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