More dental work

I have developed something called torus mandibularis. There’s a nice picture here. It’s usually innocuous, but occasionally the bone behind it breaks through the tissue and needs to be removed. That’s what was done to my mouth today. The anesthetic is wearing off, and I’m not a happy camper.

Republicans and disaster

Bobby Jindal’s wish to cut volcano monitoring was nothing compared to Romney’s desire to shift FEMA’s responsibility to the states (which in practice would mean money spent for other things, then shrieks of despair to the Federal Government when disaster struck and the states had blown all the money designated for it — Hey! Double …

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Natural disaster watch

Last night’s tsunami was a lot smaller than anticipated, peaking at about five feet (peak to trough) at Kahului on Maui. Nobody here is screeching about the forecasters crying wolf, though. These things are scary. Orderly evacuations of low-lying areas went pretty well, apparently, but traffic was a mess in East Honolulu. I’m glad to …

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Weather near and far

The NYT’s Lede blog is collecting info from power and utility companies about what they are expecting from Hurricane Sandy. It’s being pointed out that long before it makes landfall the winds and storm surges may reach coastal areas. Somebody named Tony Karon snarkily tweeted “Sandy’s disruption of electioneering is nature’s poetic rebuke to both …

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Romney claims momentum, but math says otherwise

This is enlightening, particular for those of who read the papers and see the cable news and think all these “Romney has momentum” stories should worry us. While Mr. Obama can win re-election by carrying Iowa, Ohio and Wisconsin, in addition to holding the other Democratic-leaning states across the country, Mr. Romney must capture more …

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