Dodgers Game Thread

Noted guitarist and pretty-good pitcher Bronson Arroyo leads the Reds into battle against the Boys in Blue this evening. The Reds have already clinched a spot in the playoffs, and could clinch their division if they win tonight.


Ellis, M, 2B
Ethier, A, RF
Kemp, M, CF
Gonzalez, A, 1B
Ramirez, H, SS
Cruz, L, 3B
Rivera, J, LF
Ellis, A, C
Blanton, J, P



  1. Today feels like a band on their re-union tour.
    Now we just need the drummer and guitarists to return as well !

  2. So far tonight Blanton has earned his keep. About time.

    But can’t help feeling his wheels are likely to come off.

    Don’t often hope to be wrong but do with that.

  3. Watching Reds feed on SportsSouth. Announcers called pulling Blanton a panic move.

    They didn’t characterize the Choate move. Good thing.

    I know it’s crunch time. But over-managing isn’t going to win games and has at least as much chance of losing them.

    Once again, I hope to be proven wrong.

  4. I think the new site will end up with a URL of, and for a name I”ve got another idea to go with the ones in the previous thread: how about Elysian Park, since Dodger Stadium’s address is 1000 Elysian Park Avenue?

    (Don’t bother going to that link yet; I haven’t set up the subdirectory.)

  5. C’mon, Brandon — 2 more outs!

    If 3 runs or less in 6 innings is a “quality start” for a pitcher, let’s say at least 4 runs in 9 innings is a “quality game” for the batters.

    Based on that, how many “quality games” have the Dodger hitters had this year? How about broken down before after the ASG?

  6. I am a League skeptic, but I’d like to see him continue to prove me wrong. I don’t want to see him get a massive contract.

    As for blog title, how about “Elysian Parkers,” which is what you do there, with the money going to you-know-who (sarcasm intended)?

  7. I just told the whole Weisman/DT/DT guys/Linkmeister story to my wife…

    She was surprised to hear that DT (the reason why she’s rolled her eyes every time I get up from watching a game and run over to the computer) is “on waivers”…..

    But, she did follow by saying how cool it was that the guys kinda ‘rallied’ after DT signed off.

    I’m ‘unofficially’ calling Linkmeister’s new blog… “Rally Time” …..
    (You don’t have to go with it… but, it was funny how my wife said that)

  8. I’m in favor of Elysian Fields too, has a cool ring to it. Great win by the way. The more I look at the scheduling the more I see there is still a lot of hope. Brewers and Cardinals have a much more difficult road after our Reds series. So if we stay 2 back until then….and with a rekindled Matt Kemp….

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