Who IS gonna vote Republican?

The Republican Party national platform includes language supportive of Arizona’s “Papers Please” immigration law. Even better, it exhorts the Federal Department of Justice to stop suing states with immigration laws similar to Arizona’s.

The official party position now reads that “State efforts to reduce illegal immigration must be encouraged, not attacked,” and says the Department of Justice should immediately drop its lawsuits against controversial state immigration laws in Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina and Utah.


Kobach’s amendment, which is now official party policy, also includes calls to withhold federal funding for any universities that provide in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants as well as “sanctuary cities” that refuse to enforce state and federal laws on immigration, and calls for the government to complete construction of a fence along the Mexican border that Congress authorized in 2006.

Lessee. Women, Hispanic and other immigrants, African-Americans — who’s left to vote for the Republicans? Old white folks, who are dying off much more quickly than they’re being replaced by young white folks.

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  1. Don’t count those votes just yet. I suspect there are more people out there than we know, who will vote for Romney purely because Obama is black and never admit to it publicly.

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