Unfair to consumers!

I’m going to vent about the seemingly-universal practice of paint and hardware stores (both big-box and local) that paint can be sold in no unit smaller than a quart. In order to paint a new 18-inch long, 3/4-inch square piece of shelf trim for a kitchen cupboard, I had to buy a full quart of semi-gloss. I used at most one-brushful. Now I have 31.999-recurring ounces of white paint to store. That’s about $13.20 of the $13.27 cost sitting around getting crusty and old.


Before anyone says “why didn’t you paint it before you put it in place?” it’s because a carpenter we had doing other work did it as a favor. Otherwise I’d have gotten a can of spray paint and done it first.

Here’s the piece of trim:

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  1. I like painting walls, furniture, canvases…everything. I regularly buy paint “samples” at our local Sherwin Williams and I think it’s only about 10 ounces. Plus even if they don’t make a show of it, sometimes you can ask for a sample size at paint stores. And you can also find smaller sizes in crafty stores like JoAnn’s and Michael’s.

  2. And there is another way that you could have done this. Most hobby and specialty game stores have paints available. Those are mostly used to paint pewter and plastic miniatures. You could have bought some of those for your small project. They would have been a lot more expensive, but that could have been an option if you only wanted a small amount of paint.

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