Andrew Sullivan periodically runs a feature on his blog called “A View from your Window” in which he shows a photo one of his readers has sent to him and asks the broader readership to try to identify its location.

You don’t need to guess the location, but this is the view from one of my windows this morning:

From Events

That’s film taped over the window to keep paint from getting inside.


  1. Link,

    My seats at Camelback are as follows:

    Sec Row Seat
    18th 114 6 9

    20th 14 5 5

    21st 16 5 3

    Looks like I’ll only have leg room for the Angels’ game. Tickets are pretty tight for that game.

  2. Those nerds at Sully’s site could probably figure out where that picture was taken. And then find an image on Google Maps of you taking it.

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