Pizza Pizza!

But homemade, rather than Little Caesar’s.

From Bread

Next time I’m either going to halve the recipe or freeze half the dough. I had to use a 17×11-inch baking sheet because I only have a 12-inch pizza pan, and it would have needed two of those to fit. It tasted wonderful, but the two of us could only eat half of it. That crust is nearly an inch thick.


  1. Did you make the dough in the bread maker?

    I see black olives, red onions, Bell peppers, mushrooms – what, no anchovies? (I have become addicted to black olive, onion, and anchovy pizza. I’ve had, like, three of them in the past two years.)

  2. Yup. I knew I was in trouble when the dough nearly overtopped the bread pan.

    I don’t have anchovies in the house, but I might have tried it if I had. As I understand it, anchovies pretty much melt when cooked, so I am not completely averse to them.

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