Holy Wildcats!

Wow. Take that, Big Ten! Davidson, that little bitty 1,700-student school from Charlotte, moves on to play the winner of the Villanova-Kansas game on Sunday. Neat story about them? The school made tickets and bus transportation available to its students if they wanted to go to Detroit for this weekend’s game(s).

Straight talk ain’t necessarily smart talk

Senator McCain on financial regulation, Tuesday: Our financial market approach should include encouraging increased capital in financial institutions by removing regulatory, accounting and tax impediments to raising capital. Um, Senator Straight Talker, sir? It’s the lack of regulation of investment banks that got us into this mess. And you want even less? You’re right. Economics …

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What’s behind this sudden internal battle in Basra? Here’s an interesting analysis from UPI. I have no idea how credible it is, but parts of it make some sense to me. The violence that has killed dozens and injured hundreds since Tuesday is billed as Iraq’s military against “criminals, terrorist forces and outlaws,” in the …

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