50th Anniversary, HS Class Graduation

It’s not precisely a 50th Reunion, although that’s standard naming. How many classes have met every year for 50 years?

Anyway, for months I’ve been on the planning committee for my high school class’s reunion, and it’s now just a month away. I’ve already got a hotel reservation and my plane tickets.

At one point we’d thought to ask some of the class members to play the rock songs of our youth, as they’ve done twice in the last ten years for these get-togethers, but it was concluded that there’s only one way to play that music — loudly. If we did that conversations would be drowned out, and since we’re all 67 or 68 years old our hearing’s not the best anymore anyway. So we told the band they could mingle with the rest of us instead of working.

What then do we do for background music? Well, I didn’t exactly volunteer to create an iTunes playlist, I just made one for myself and then offered it. I focused on songs released no later than 1968 and mostly hit my target. There may be a dozen on the list which came out between 1969 and 1972. Here are the first half-dozen or so, and here’s a link to a spreadsheet with the entire list of songs. I’ve got a copy of the mp4 files on flash drive and in Dropbox.

Song Artist
I Want To Hold Your Hand The Beatles
Ain’t She Sweet The Beatles With Tony Sheridan
All Day And All Of The Night The Kinks
The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore The Walker Brothers
Needles And Pins The Searchers
Downtown Petula Clark


I was listening to a shuffle of my iTunes library this evening when the studio version of this song from “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere” popped up (preceded by Hoe Down from Copland’s Rodeo, of all things).

This is live at Farm Aid at Bristow, Virginia in 2000. The backing band includes the late Donald “Duck” Dunn, who played bass with Booker T and the MGs and worked/appeared with many others. Listen to him.

Lava first, now hurricane

To quote Lucy van Pelt of “Peanuts,” “Good grief, Charlie Brown.”

Here is the latest on Kilauea’s eruption on the Big Island:

And here is the next threat to the Big Island:

Golly, ya think?

Mr. Capelli forgot (or space precluded him mentioning) Trump’s incessant repetition that Congresswoman Maxine Waters possesses a “very low IQ,” but other than that omission I’d say he nailed it.

No deaths reported in THIS?

All 103 people on board this plane survived. It’s Aeromexico flight 2341, an Embraer E190. It got to the end of the runway today and didn’t lift off.

Forty-nine people were hospitalized, including the pilot and a passenger who are in “critical but stable condition,” but no deaths were reported, [Durango Governor] Aispuro said.

A girl who suffered burns was also hospitalized, Aispuro said.

Whatever deity these folks believe in should be thoroughly thanked this evening.


Two weeks ago I bought a new flat-screen computer monitor to replace one which was refusing to turn off and/or slow to turn on. That one was an HP1907 that was first released for sale in 2006. It weighed 15 pounds. I had it on top of a metal stand with a pullout keyboard tray.

I got the new one home, took it out of the box and installed it (easy-peasy). It works great. It’s clearer than the old one and the extra inch of width is a help.

I’ve noticed that my view angle to the screen keeps getting skewed away from perpendicular, and it’s taken me numerous adjustments and puzzling to figure out why. The new monitor weighs 6.6 pounds, nearly nine pounds less than the old one. If I cross my legs I occasionally bump the keyboard tray, and guess what? Because the new monitor is so much lighter, I can actually shift the stand if I nudge it too hard.

Problem identified, but solution still a work-in-progress.


Last Friday I went up to Tripler for a PET/CT scan. The doc wanted a good view of my lungs. I’d had one done in June after my COPD hospitalization in May, and he wanted to check something he’d seen there. I went back today for a follow-up, and whatever it was has gone away (he thinks it was residual inflammation of the lung tissue left over from the May exacerbation), so he’s happy, as am I. I’m one of those lucky people who takes well to the broncho-dilators; my ability to expel air goes up about 15% after using one. He told me to continue using them and come back to see him in a year unless something untoward happens.

I always like it when doctors tell me they don’t need to see me for a year. It inspires confidence.

Will the world ever forgive America?

This was done deliberately by the President of the United States and his Cabinet members. He and they are soulless creatures who, if there is a Deity, will receive proper retribution.

Click that picture to read other similar tweets. It’s horrific and it’s the United States of America doing it. That “city shining on the hill” is being razed every day.