What was that?

Okay, everybody’s already jumped on Jeb! for his oh-so-empathetic “stuff happens” response when asked about the campus shooting in Oregon. Everybody’s sort-of forgiven the Pope for meeting with that job-denying Kim Davis, since the circumstances were not what we thought; it wasn’t one-on-one and full of approbation for her “brave stand for religious liberty,” despite what her slimy ambulance-chaser lawyer said. No, she was apparently one of a group and he may not even have know why her presence was significant to anybody.

So what can I express outrage about?

I know! I got a renewal notice from Sports Illustrated today! My current subscription doesn’t run out till March of next year. It’s still good for roughly five months, and the discount now is no different than it will be in January. Stop it, Sports Illustrated!

Phew! I’m glad I got that off my chest!

Too clever by half

Isn’t it fun to outsmart yourself?

I asked Chase for a replacement credit card with the new Chip and Signature format rather than the outdated and vulnerable magnetic stripe card I have. This opened a can of worms, because they discovered they’d sent me just such a card back in April. Well, if I got it I didn’t realize it and tossed it. Either I did that or somebody else got it. Now, there have been no unusual charges on that card in all the time since, but they didn’t ask me that. Nope. In an abundance of caution they canceled my card and (they tell me) they’ve opened a new account for me with a new card number.

They told me that through their own secure message center, but who looks at that every day/week/month? I didn’t get a notification through regular email that there was a message waiting for me.

Meanwhile I go to Tracfone’s website to add some minutes to my cellphone and try to check out, only to be told the card has been denied by my bank and would I care to use a different card?

WTF, over?

It’s at this point that I go to Chase’s website and discover the message waiting for me.

This is the principal card I use for all internet services (hey, I get points from Amazon when I use it). Now I’m going to have to remember to update the info at every place I make a recurring purchase (Hosting Matters, I’m talking to you). And the new card hasn’t arrived yet.


No thank you

I would rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick than be called to “testify” in front of a Congressional hearing, particularly one chaired by Republicans who can’t be bothered to get their facts straight before browbeating me for five hours.

As the accompanying video shows, the Utah Republican put a chart on display, purporting to show that over the last decade, the number of prevention services provided by the health care group has steadily declined, while the number of abortions has steadily increased.


When Richards said she’d never seen it before, (Representative Jason) Chaffetz replied: “It comes straight from your annual reports.”

Moments later, Richards shot back: “My lawyers just informed me that the source of this information is Americans United for Life, an anti-abortion group. I would check your source.”

If you were Chaffetz, what would you do?

  • Give the staffer who prepared that chart a raise
  • Fire that staffer the moment the hearing ended
  • Insist that Ms. Richards and her lawyers were mistaken, or
  • go right ahead with no sign of embarrassment?

If you picked the last choice, class, you are correct!

They’re not only shameless, they’re stupid. They had weeks to prepare for this hearing and still fumbled it. Under the Republicans Congressional hearings have become a place to offer soundbites each member can use in fundraising. Hearings are certainly not for getting facts and reasons for actions from principals, not any more.


NASA confirmed today that it had found evidence that water once flowed freely on Mars.

Naturally, Rush Limbaugh immediately declared

this news that there is flowing water on Mars is somehow going to find its way into a technique to advance the leftist agenda.

Limbaugh said that although he wasn’t entirely sure what the agenda was, he was going to “assume it would be something to do with global warming.”

You go right ahead, Rush. Assume all you like. You’re free to do so. I’m free to believe you’ve got the brains of a kumquat.

Sometimes the bear gets you

Within twenty minutes of each event’s ending today the Dodgers lost on a walkoff home run in the bottom of the ninth to the Rockies, the University of Hawai’i lost 28 – 0 to the U of Wisconsin (not really a surprise, but the 11 penalties for 100 yards was — disturbing) and the U of Arizona lost to UCLA 56 – 30 (a pretty big surprise).

Pour me another drink, barkeep.

“Christian,” huh?

This was the reaction when the lovely religious folk at the Value Voters Summit were told that Speaker John Boehner had resigned his post. Boehner has spent 25 years in public service, but to these charming people he is apparently the Anti-Christ.

The day after the Pope spoke to Congress and to us all about the Golden Rule, this is the reaction to a government worker’s leaving his job in part because people like those in that hall made it really difficult to perform it. To those people, unless you see and do things their way you’re the enemy.

But boy oh boy, accuse them of behaving in a non-Christian manner and get ready to duck.

My fellow Americans

include a whole bunch of stupid bigoted people, I’m afraid.

Carson, who drew widespread criticism after declaring on Sunday that the United States should not elect a Muslim president, is now raking in the cash from donors who share his anti-Islam sympathies.

“We sent out an email to Carson supporters, and we’ve never had an email raise so much money so quickly—it’s unbelievable,” John Philip Sousa IV, chair of the National Draft Ben Carson for President PAC, and great-grandson of the marching band icon, told The Washington Times.

Carson says he’s gotten more than $1 million in small donations since he made those remarks on Meet the Press.

Nobody ever said we had a lot of well-versed scholars in this country who understood Article VI of the Constitution, but I had thought the principle of separation of church and state was pretty widely known. Perhaps not always approved of but certainly understood. I guess I was wrong.

Greed ain’t good

At least not if it puts you in the public eye when you’re already under investigation for various criminal activities at the last company that employed you.

I’m talking about web-Shkreli-1-cnbcthis guy, of course.

Since at least in January, Shkreli has been under criminal investigation by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, court records show.


The criminal investigation involves Retrophin, a public company where Shkreli served as an officer, director, and 10-percent owner of the outstanding stock before being ousted amid multiple allegations of misconduct.


The inquiry, according to court records and people with knowledge of the inquiry, involves such a vast number of suspected crimes it is difficult to know where to start. A quick summary of the government’s theory: If there was money, Shkreli took it. If there were facts to be revealed, Shkreli hid them. If there were securities laws, Shkreli broke them.

And that’s why Shkreli’s decision to dramatically raise the price of a decades-old life-saving drug—and then appearing on television, smiling broadly as he justified actions that put lives at risk—was such a bad move.

Prosecutors do like to charge public figures; the belief is there’s a deterrent value added that isn’t there when some equally bad but obscure crook is indicted.

The litany of things this guy is accused of is amazing.

According to the court records and people with knowledge of the case, the allegations against Shkreli that are under investigation involve insider trading, disguising the purpose of corporate payments for his benefit, defrauding shareholders by snatching business opportunities for himself, destruction of evidence, failure to disclose material facts to shareholders and other potential crimes.

Goodness, even for a former hedge fund manager, that’s sleazy.

Read the entire Newsweek story at the link.