Game 42, 2022

Dodgers at Nationals, 4:05 PM PDT, TV: MASN 2, SPNLA

RHP Walker Buehler (5-1, 2.89 ERA) pitches for the Dodgers this afternoon; he’ll face RHP Josiah Gray (4-3, 4.36 ERA) of the Nats. Buehler’s record is sparkling but he says he’s not yet “attacking the strike zone” as he has in prior seasons. This is Gray’s second season in the league; he’s never faced the Dodgers before.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1941 ‘Big Poison’ Paul Waner is signed by the Braves after being released by Brooklyn. The former Dodger joins his brother ‘Little Poison’ Lloyd on the Boston roster.
  • 1947 Carl Furillo hits a three-run homer as a pinch-hitter in the first frame of the Dodgers’ 4-3 ten-inning loss to Philadelphia at Ebbets Field. The unusual substitution occurs when Phillies manager Ben Chapman uses his right-handed starter Al Jurisch to pitch only to Brooklyn’s first two hitters, Pee Wee Reese and Jackie Robinson, and then brings in southpaw Oscar Judd, who had been warming up from the start of the game, to face the next three lefty hitters, Pete Reiser, Dixie Walker, and Gene Hermanski, the batter replaced by Furillo.
  • 1973 In a 19-inning marathon, LA outfielder Willie Davis collects six hits in a 7-3 loss to the Mets at Dodger Stadium. The two clubs establish a National League mark by hitting into a combined nine double plays.
  • 2000 Sixteen Dodger players and three coaches are suspended by the commissioner’s office for going into the stands during the Wrigley Field scuffle with fans on May 16. The suspensions totaling 60 games for players and 24 games for coaches are the harshest penalties ever handed down by major league baseball.

Lineups when available.

81 thoughts on “Game 42, 2022

  1. Sunday’s painful loss in Philly brought to mind a game that ended quite similarly nearly 42 years ago. It took a little research, but I found it. Note how this game on May 25, 1980, concluded. I may not remember sometimes why I walk downstairs, but then there are certain baseball games that one never forgets.

      • I agree, and that’s just not our secret. I seem to remember that he never dove for a ground ball. Do you remember that as well? Lasorda converted him from an outfielder to a shortstop. Russell was a member of the 1970 Spokane Triple-A team in the Pacific Coast League, managed by Lasorda. Regulars included Steve Garvey, Billy Buckner, Davey Lopes, Tom Paciorek, Bobby Valentine and Bart Shirley. Russell split the year between the Dodgers and Spokane. Among the pitchers on the Spokane team were Doyle Alexander, Charlie Hough and Geoff Zahn. The team went 94-52 and won the PCL North by 26 games.

        • Russell said he didn’t dive because he hurt himself too many times in doing so. I think he was hitting .396 when the Dodgers called him up. I was at a game when he was in CF and he threw an absolute rope to second with back foot against the CF wall.

          He and Cey were my favorites.

        • By comparison, Bowa had a .980 Fld%, Concepcion at .971 Fld%, Ozzie Smith at .978 Fld%, and Omar Vizquel at .985.

          • Those numbers don’t mean a lot – there’s no way to evaluate range, for instance.

          • I think the numbers represent a lot because that is how shortstops were rated in those days, just as OBP was not a category not that many years ago. Will there be some new category created in 10 years that will be applied retroactively to players now playing or retired?

          • There are measures of this now – “outs above average” – but I don’t understand them completely.

          • These stats have been around forever, what has changed is how they are appreciated: OBP much more; Fielding percentage much less.

    • Not really. He was (and still is) a decent platoon player who’ll get picked up by a needy contender at the deadline.

  2. Dreary, cool day here with a bit of rain in the morning, but nothing in the forecast moving forward.

    • Oh, deary…

      Unseasonably cool, hoping for no rain on getaway day tomorrow.

    • The Gnats apparently received their emergency shipment of BALCO Flaxseed Oil, but the Beerboys have taken a 4-1 lead over the Pads.

  3. Mookie walks. Dodgers need to get a lot of batters on base for him to bat again this game.

  4. A catcher and a 40 year old DH pull off a double steal against us. Good grief.

  5. 92 pitches for Buehler. Really settled down and pitched well after the first inning. Good job Walker.

  6. Fun game so far but I have to go to a meeting. See you all on the other side. Got a woo-HOO waiting in my pocket.

  7. Well there goes the dream of:
    A. Hitting a home run in 7 or more consecutive innings
    B. Scoring in all 9 innings

    Neither were particularly close or likely to happen – but a guy can dream.

  8. I wonder what the record is for most consecutive innings hitting HRs?
    I could almost believe – considering how many MLB games have been played – something crazy like 8 or even 9.

  9. Reflecting upon how Buehler has pitched so far this season made me look up Whitey Ford’s 1961 season. He went 25-4 with an ERA of 3.21. Luis Arroyo helped him a lot with 29 saves. And then were a couple of guys named Maris and Mantle.

  10. Is this the night Mookie sets the record? The record for most 3 hr games in a career?

  11. Looks like it could be a fun back and forth type of game. Get the popcorn and hold onto the guard rails.

  12. Just told my buddy that now that the wind has died down, maybe Mookie can hit one out.

  13. I’m glad Anderson went eight innings yesterday because I don’t see Buehler getting anywhere close to that today. Who would our long man be?

  14. Dodgers (28-13)
    Nationals (14-29)

    SPWalker Buehler R
    5-1 2.89 ERA 46.2 IP 39K

    RF M. Betts R
    1B F. Freeman L
    SS Trea Turner R
    C Will Smith R
    2B Max Muncy L
    3B J. Turner R
    DH E. Rios L
    CF Chris Taylor R
    LF Gavin Lux L

    9% Rain
    59° Wind 7 mph R-L