Open Thread #2, 2021

The Dodgers have issued qualifying offers to Corey Seager and Chris Taylor. Both rejected them, as expected.

As of a week ago the Dodgers seemed to express some interest in several members of the Reds’ pitching staff, Luis Castillo and Sonny Gray. There’s been no news since the initial report, so who knows?

Your turn.

67 thoughts on “Open Thread #2, 2021

  1. I see where the Dodgers are interested in Freeman. I think they should also consider Castellanos.

  2. Texas Rangers really going all in. Seager and Semien for a combined cool half a billion dollars. Wonder if they will go after Kershaw? I know AF and the Dodgers want to keep him in blue, but, I don’t think they will overspend to do it.

  3. I rushed on here to post about Seager signing a 10 year / $325M contract with the Rangers – but compared to the news that Link just shared, it seems less significant.

      • Very sorry to hear this news, Link. There is nothing comparable to losing one’s mother. While mourning her passing, be extra good to yourself. You deserve it.

    • Link I am so so sorry. Losing our mothers is unlike any other loss. Please give yourself time to grieve. I send you so much love.

  4. Mad Max to Mets? If the Dodgers do lose him, it makes the trade to get him and Trea a bit less shiny.

  5. OhioDodger: Sorry that your Buckeyes lost. I was rooting for them from Central California. My family used to live in Sylvania, a suburb of Toledo. I have never been a Jim Harbaugh fan.

    • Thanks Scoop. Rough day here in Columbus. I think we are a better team than Michigan, but, they wanted it more. Toledo is a real hot bed for the OSU-Mich rivalry being on the border. Hope all is well with you and yours.

      • I am familiar with many rivalries, including Cal-Stanford, UCLA-USC, Army-Navy, Nebraska-Oklahoma and Alabama-Auburn. None is as fierce as Ohio State-Michigan, in my opinion. We lived in Ohio for about three years. The week heading into the game was unbelievable. We had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. I hope that yours was special as well.

  6. Thankfully we have college football to get us thru the cold stove season till January. Then its only a month till spring training. Go Buckeyes…

  7. I see where the Gnats resigned DeSclafani. 3 years $36M. A quality starter for $12M a year is a good deal these days.

  8. Haven’t heard any news about how the CBA is going. I would think that would be the top story right now.

  9. I had some off-season surgery today. The first of 2 cataract surgeries on my eyes.
    Hope to be in “the best shape of my life” by the time spring training rolls around!