World Series Game Two, 2021

Braves at Astros, 5:09 PM PDT, TV: Fox

LHP Max Fried (Postseason 1-1, 3.78 ERA) takes the hill for the Braves and RHP José Urquidy (Postseason 0-1, 27.00 ERA) goes for the Astros.

Today in baseball history the Royals won Game Seven and thus the World Series in 1985, the Mets beat the Red Sox to do the same in 1986, in 1991 Jack Morris made his (ultimately successful) bid for the Hall of Fame by throwing a 10-inning 1-0 shutout in Game Seven which the Twins won on a walkoff single in the bottom of the tenth, and in their 42nd season the Angels finally won a World Series in 2002.

Lineups when available.



6 thoughts on “World Series Game Two, 2021

  1. It looks as if nobody was interested enough to comment, so I still don’t know last night’s result.

  2. In a message published by The Players’ Tribune, a news media company for athletes founded by Hall of Famer Derek Jeter, Joc Pederson revealed that some former teammates had a message for him after the NLCS.

    “It’s a couple of former teammates I’m really close to, coming up to me postgame and saying, ‘Hey — I love you. Now go beat the Astros for us.’”

  3. 2002 was the only time I’ve ever rooted for the Angles – though not very actively so.