NLDS Games Four, 2021

Game One: Brewers at Braves, 2:15 PM PDT, TV: TBS

The Braves lead the series 2 – 1.

The Brewers send LHP Eric Lauer (7-5, 3.19 ERA) out to save their postseason hopes; the Braves counter with RHP Charlie Morton (14-6, 3.34 ERA).




Game Two: Giants at Dodgers, 6:07 PM PDT, TV: TBS

The Giants lead the series 2 – 1.

RHP Anthony DeSclafani (13-7, 3.17 ERA) tries to close the series out for the Giants; RHP Walker Buehler (16-4, 2.47 ERA) attempts to keep the Dodgers’ hopes alive.

Today in baseball history: the Dodgers lost their first World Series in 1920, the As scored ten runs in the seventh to overcome an 8-0 Cubs lead in Game Four of the 1929 World Series, the Rangers won their first playoff series ever in 2010, and much more at the link.

Lineups when available.



425 thoughts on “NLDS Games Four, 2021

  1. I believe I just read that the same umpire who called the first Webb game will be at home plate for this game. If so, I hope he reviewed his strike zone from the last game – his early strike calls felt like a thumb on the scales for Webb and the Gnats.

      • You are right, but it may still be an issue: “The bad news is that the Dodgers will have another questionable umpire behind homeplate. Doug Eddings ranks near the bottom of the barrel for MLB umpire accuracy in 2021, and he’ll be calling balls and strikes on Thursday night.
        Let’s hope that if he’s off again, he’s at least consistent with it.”

  2. I hope the guys have studied the video on Webb. Learn from what you did wrong in game one. Lay off the low and outside pitches. Make him throw strikes.

  3. So Kapler just throwing pitchers at the wall until one finally sticks? Or does he go with Doval again?

  4. Not to take the focus off the here and now, but I was doing some errands earlier today and randomly thought about Danny Duffy pitching next year. This team is loaded.

  5. This will be at least the fourth time DeSclafani and Buehler have started against one another this season. Dodgers beat him in July but lost two others late after he’d left the game.

  6. The Gnats bullpen really struggled tonight. Not good for their confidence. We just have to figure Webb out.

  7. I feel good about Urias on full rest against SF, who dont hit lefties, but then I felt really good about Scherzer as well. It will be interesting.

  8. It’s great we will have Gonsolin, Price and Jansen all fresh to follow I assume Urias

  9. Nice to not sweat this one out. Nice to see that we can hit their entire bullpen as well.

  10. The Dodgers tonight with runners on base are like going to a smorgasbord and trying to pick up food with your elbows. Sure, you’ll get some, but you will leave a heckuva lot on the floor.

  11. Im guessing a diving stop at first that almost got through, flipped to second to get it to the pitcher covering first

    • As long as Urias keeps hitting on Thurs, there will be time to give those lessons in the NLCS.

  12. I don’t like starting Buehler on three days’ rest — for the first time in his career. I would have started Goose and had everybody, but Scherzer, ready behind him. I hope that Roberts proves me wrong. I think we can score a bunch against DeSclafani, but I never imagined that we Wood be shut out yesterday by the pitchers we faced.

    • Guess the thought was that if you are going to use him better to have him start, a more familiar role, and see how far he might go. I was content with Catman starting, myself.

    • I’m old enough to remember when Sandy blanked the Twinkies, on two days’ rest, in Game 7 of the Series.

  13. Controversial call against the Braves on the field, an attempt at a review, but not reviewable at the Braves/Brewers game. Trapped ball called an out.