NLCS Game Three, 2021

Braves at Dodgers, 2:08 PM PDT, TV: TBS

RHP Charlie Morton (postseason 0-1, 3.36 ERA) takes the mound for the Braves to face RHP Walker Buehler (postseason 0-1, 3.38 ERA) of the Dodgers. The Braves lead the series 2 – 0.

Today in baseball history Rick Monday homered in Game Five of the 1981 NLCS to beat the Expos out of the World Series and Curt Schilling won Game Six of the 2004 World Series with a bloody sock.

Lineups when available.



500 thoughts on “NLCS Game Three, 2021

  1. About time to go to Tripler for my endoscopic throat exam (visual check to see if any cancer cells are left there; the PET scan said none and the oncologist says “let’s let them have a look too”).

  2. Uncle Dave might have to gather everyone around and tell some stories of how to come back from being down 0-3 in a series to the boys.

    • i wasn’t going to mention that until the end of the game (just in case it isn’t relevant) 🙂

  3. Trying to be somewhat philosophical about the Dodgers post season to this point – and really it is very on brand for the 2021 team:
    They are 1-3 in one run games, but have won the blowouts AND the close ones when it has mattered most.

  4. I was called to dinner.

    We got the good Kenley and the good Belli tonight.

    Two more in LA then off to Atlanta for two.

  5. If the 8th inning isn’t the pivotal moment of the entire series I will be surprised. You have to wonder if the Braves don’t feel that they lost their chance to put it away.

  6. 17 pitches of kenley. I get the feelign he can go tomorrow, but puts Thursday in doubt I would think for 3 in a row.

  7. I know its stating the obvious, but the difference between 0-3 and 1-2 down is huge

  8. After the Beatty out, Charlie Steiner went on for about 10 seconds about how it was the end of the inning.

  9. Let’s see if they maker a mistake to Bellinger. So far he has shown zero ability to hit a high fastball in the playoffs and earlier. I expect a continued diet of high heat.

  10. Gonsolin – in my opinion – has not been used well this playoffs. Mostly this series really.

    • I am glad Buehler pitched Game 4 of the NLDS. So really I think I’m just surprised Gonsolin didn’t get more innings in Game 1 this series. Can still use an opener but have Gonzo go 3 or 4 at some point. The bullpen had been well used of late.

  11. I wonder how much performances in these playoff games will influence who plays shortstop next year or who will be back next year?

    • It’s time to take it off. Remember when we were looking for something and when we decided to stop looking we would all of a sudden find it? Whether it winds being 4 wins in a row after this game or we come back tonight, it’s time to stop looking.

  12. I love narrative as much as the next guy (unless the next guy is, I don’t know, Stephen King), but I find it a little sad that we have this much hope for Albert to go yard.

  13. I see a lot of sweaters and jackets in the crowd. Ball is going to be harder to hit out.

  14. So fun watching the Braves doing their racist tomahawk chop motion whenever they score.

    • He seemed a bit wild to me which brought up his pitch count for one. But yeah – some hittable pitches. And hitting against the shift a few times. Really – nothing worked.

    • Weakly hit balls on broken bats, missed grounder by Seager, egregious missed third strike on Joc, Lux’s dropped fly ball. Then he lost command.

  15. Buehler pitched well but couldn’t overcome the sun double, the broken bat singles, the error by Seager, the umpire — all coming on one inning.

  16. The real problem is that Bueller needs to stay in til maybe a batter into the 7th. If this inning makes him come out early, it bodes ill for the rest of the home games.