Game 74, 2021

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: Bally Sports San Diego, ESPN, SPNLA

The Dodgers send RHP Trevor Bauer (7-5, 2.43 ERA) out to try to salvage the third game of the series. He’ll face RHP Joe Musgrove (4-6, 2.28 ERA).

On this date in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1930 The Dodgers get twelve consecutive hits in a 19-6 win over the Pirates at Forbes Field. Two of the dozen hits in the eight-run sixth inning include a pair of homers hit by Brooklyn outfielder Babe Herman.
  • 1986 The Braves strand 18 runners on base, establishing a National League record. Enough Atlanta players do score to give the team a 6-5 victory over L.A. at Dodger Stadium.

Other notable events in baseball on this date include Ernie Shore’s near-perfect game in 1917, when he relieved Babe Ruth (ejected for arguing balls and strikes and possibly punching the umpire) and retired 26 consecutive batters.

Lineup when available.

127 thoughts on “Game 74, 2021

    • Dang me, dang me
      They oughta take a rope and hang me
      High from the highest tree
      Woman, would you weep for me?

    • Nope. Even if the Dodgers lose tonight, they’ll still be percentage points ahead of the Pads.

  1. Well. I have an early start tomorrow. I’m going to wrap it up for tonight.

  2. Link’s server is down so no post linked to tonight’s game. Guess we should carry on here… Go Dodgers!

    • Dodgers need a bit of a reboot to get them going as well. Or maybe just a well placed boot to the backside.

  3. The way that the Giants won today, scoring seven runs in the 13th inning after holding off the Angels at bay in the 9th — when they had a leadoff double — 10th, 11th and 12th innings, has convinced me that they are real. They may not win the NL West, but they are for real.

    • They were incredibly lucky to have the Angles’ winning run overturned. They could still hold off the Rox for third, though.

      • I see you are still sticking with your third-place prediction. I forget. Was it holding off the D-backs for third previously? (I am not being sarcastic here.) ….What happened regarding the overturning of what would have been the Angels’ winning run?

          • I see. (Or should I say that I didn’t see?) But that’s the way it’s been going for the Giants this season.

          • giants also benefited from the Angles having to use an emergency catcher for the 12-13th. Apparently their pitchers were only throwing fastballs cuz the guy couldn’t handle anything else.

    • Their results are much better than I would have though on paper before the season began. Even now they seem to be overachieving with what I see on paper. It happens, but I see find them to be suspect.

  4. When it comes to following the Dodgers in this three-game set in San Diego, I am feeling like Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh.

  5. I guess the intentional walk thing didn’t work. I’m signing off. Only so much this lifelong Dodgers fan can take of this series.

    • Pick your poison, but pretty standard call by Doc to set up DP and get lefty-lefty matchup.

      • I’m back, if briefly. You are right that it was a pretty standard call by Doc. What wasn’t standard, and something I don’t think that the Dodgers have done once this year, is have the #5 hitter sacrifice to put the runners in scoring position. We rarely play small ball.

    • If the Dodgers come back and win tonight it will be great.

      But if the Dodgers lose and get swept, it certainly won’t crush them. They will rebound and win the next time.

      Either way, Dodgers win.

  6. Love how loud the “Let’s Go Dodgers” resounds across the stadium.

        • Though, the RF wouldn’t normally be playing so far off the line and probably would have caught it, but they shifted him further towards center giving that space to Manny.

  7. This is a tense game by all standards and I would normally feel stressed, but all I feel is a sense of impending doom.

  8. Just got home from umpiring a youth baseball game. I see it was Padre first inning redux. Unbelievable, or should I say believable.