Game 6, 2020

Dodgers at Astros, 4:10 PM PDT, TV: ATT Sportsnet-SW, SPNLA

Dustin May, (0-0, 2.08 ERA) makes his second start of the year for the Dodgers. He’ll face the Astros’ Cristian Javier (0-0, 0.00 ERA), who’ll make his first big league start in place of the injured Justin Verlander. We know about May; Javier was the Astros’ 2019 Minor League Pitcher of the Year. He threw a scoreless inning in relief on Saturday.

Here’s the pitching sequence from Joe Kelly to the Astros in yesterday’s game:

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1915 Pirates third baseman Honus Wagner reaches Robins hurler Jeff Pfeffer for a grand slam in the eighth inning, helping Pittsburgh beat Brooklyn at Forbes Field, 8-2. The inside-the-park round-tripper makes the 41 year-old infielder the oldest player ever to hit a home run with the bases full, a record which will last until 1985.
  • 1996 After a mild heart attack last month, Tommy Lasorda, 68 year-old Dodger manager of twenty years, announces his retirement due to his health. The future Hall of Fame skipper, who was named the National League Manager of the Year in 1983 and ’88, led Los Angeles to four pennants and two World Series championships during his 21 seasons at the helm.

    Lineup when available.

284 thoughts on “Game 6, 2020

  1. And now we need Max, Mookie and Cody to start catching fire at the plate

  2. We could trade a run for an out, if we wanted to, though I don’t think it’s possible.

  3. Santana is the swingman tonight. Hopefully getting them to swing and miss.

  4. But now there is no one on second. Can we put another guy back on there before the next at bat?

  5. The Dodgers are 1-for-14 with RISP, Mookie’s 11th inning double. The Asterisks are 3-for-17.

  6. I am not watching. Was Tucker trying to bunt with a man on second, no one out, and the game tied?

  7. What happened to all those ringing doubles in summer camp of the bat of Seager

  8. We live for another inning. This is the first extra-going game this season that has gone more than 11 innings.

  9. Springer sure was looking for a fastball the entire at bat. Never got one.

    • Said Vin Scully about the LA and SF – but yes, it is push and shove all the way along.

  10. i leave for 5 minutes to say goodnight to my son. I left with the bases loaded and a 2-1 lead. Things havent turned out well since then.

  11. Alexander threw an 0-2 meatball down the middle of the plate to Gurriel. Perhaps the beginning of the end tonight.

  12. Suspending Kelly for eight games in a 60-game season is the equivalent of suspending him 21.6 games during a 162-game season. Also, suspending a reliever for eight games is a far worse punishment than suspending a starting pitcher the same number, which usually means one missed start and perhaps pushing a second one back a few days. Meanwhile, no Astro was ever suspended, even for a single game, for cheating during the 2017 World Series. I am guessing that Kelly will appeal and his suspension will be cut to five games.

    • Kelly is appealing and should get the days reduced. I am not a fan of Kelly and either is my wife but after she heard that the incident was against the Astros, she said “you go Kelly”.

    • I hope we score a ton on these guys tonight. This is absurd and makes me furious. And Dusty yelling obscenities at Joe? That wasn’t bad behavior?

  13. Okay Betts either get an extra base hit or – less good – make an out, survive the bottom of the 11th, and score from second on a single in the 12th.

      • For both teams though right? So doesn’t it keep it just as likely that it will go to 11 or 12 etc as with no ghost runner? I don’t get the math/logic on how it ends it more quickly.

          • I would have only said that to you! You are the guru on these things I think and I trust your math etc.

          • Ha! You are the math guy around here. I think that they are trying to increase the odds that anyone scores a run.

          • I guess I begrudgingly agree to that. The 3 on 3 hockey is an apt analogy.

          • Went looking for the math, but can’t find it, which surprises me. What they do show is results, which indeed show a shortening of games with the rule.

        • Makes it easier for the home team I should think if they blank the visitors in the top half. Now a bunt and a sac fly can win it for you.

  14. I would rather see Joc getting his fourth at bat coming up next against a righty than Kike’. Will we see Rios finally?

  15. Lots of pitches for Jansen. Not liking his chances of pitching a second inning tonight.

  16. So it would be JT on second if it goes to the 10th. Do they swap in Gore?

  17. 80 pitches in in 3 1/3 innings made it feel like the Astros were always up. Dodgers haven’t gotten through the lineup twice yet and we are 80 minutes into the game.

  18. Straw, man is he fast. May probably doesn’t get over there in time in any event.

  19. Maybe it will be May and not Buehler that string together many opening day starts.

  20. Winning will be the best revenge. Muncy needs to find his swing again. He looked bad there.

  21. Perfect night tonight in Winnipeg for watching my sons flag football games. So I won’t be too focused on Dodgers – Gastros.