Game 4, 2020

Giants at Dodgers, 7:00 PM PDT, TV: ESPN

The Giants send LHP Drew Smyly to the mound for his first start of the season after appearing in relief for one scoreless inning on July 23. He’ll face the Dodgers’ LHP Julio Urias, who’s also making his first start of the year. With the departures of Maeda, Ryu and Hill, he’s got an opportunity to cement a spot in the rotation for years to come if he does well in this shortened season.

On this date in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1900 In Brooklyn, a sheriff seizes the St. Louis share of gate receipts to reimburse Gus Weyhing, recently released by the Cardinals after posting a 3-4 record in eight starts with the team, who claims to have been cheated out of ten days of pay. Next week, the right-hander, known as Cannonball by his teammates, will sign with the Superbas as a free agent.
  • 1948 Former Dodger skipper Leo Durocher, who left the team ten days ago, makes his first appearance at Ebbets Field since taking over the Giants. The return of ‘the Lip’ is less-than-triumphant when his new team drops a 13-4 decision to Brooklyn.
  • 1951 In a 9-1 victory over the Cubs at Wrigley Field, Jim Russell becomes the first player in major league history to hit a home run from both sides of the plate in a game in two different games. The Dodger outfielder’s accomplishment will be surpassed in 1956 when Yankee slugger Mickey Mantle goes deep both right and left-handed in the same game for a third time.
  • 1960 The Phillies end their scoreless streak of thirty-eight consecutive innings when Johnny Callison plates Tony Gonzalez with a sixth-inning single in the team’s 4-3 victory over the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Philadelphia’s drought began when the team failed to score in the last six frames of a 3-0 win against the Giants, and continued when they were shut out in three straight games ( 2-0, 2-0, and 9-0) by the Dodgers in Los Angeles.
  • 1991 Mark Gardner no-hits the Dodgers for nine innings, but Los Angeles wins the game in the bottom of the tenth on two singles off the Expos’ starter and Darryl Strawberry’s RBI single off reliever Jeff Fassero. It’s the first time the Dodgers had been held hitless at home for nine innings since Johnny Vander Meer’s second straight no-hitter in 1938.

Lineup when available.

211 thoughts on “Game 4, 2020

    • As long as it’s MLB calling the shots, I doubt that they let the Fish spoil the party.

    • As long as it’s MLB calling the shots, I doubt that they let the Fish spoil the party.

  1. Rally. Pitcher is wild and has to pitch to three. Don’t bail him out Seager.

  2. Pollock is really not an inspiring at-bat. I remember him killing us at the plate…

    • In the playoffs. Actually hit very well last part of the season after returning from injury.

    • I an beginning to doubt that he will ever be inspiring for the Dodgers. He did hit 15 HRs last year, but he is injury prone. He has played in more than 113 games only once in his career. Pollock has had only one outstanding season in his career, and that was five years ago with Arizona.

      • Guessing that he is penciled in as RH DH, so opportunity for injury would diminish.

  3. Last night Joc gets HBP in this situation and now Seager to again bring up Kike’

  4. We haven’t had a hit since the third inning. Or perhaps since The Castaways did “Liar, Liar.”

  5. I do feel like we are one big hit away from remembering we are a scary offensive team.

  6. As Pads have lost to Snakes, Dodgers can regain sole possession of first place by beating Gnats tognight. They are also tied with Rox at the moment.

    Dodgers game is an ESPN blackout, as is Barves-Mutts game currently underway.

  7. I’m glad relief pitchers have to pitch to three hitters or we would be here all night

  8. Jack Dawkins: Welcome back to this great blog after a nearly two-year absence. We are pleased to have you with us again!

      • A great play would have been a firm throw to the bag and let Kike’ run to it instead of throwing it to Kike’ when he was still moving to the bag and had to stop and wait for the ball.

          • I will always take a sure out happily. For some reason I still remember the first time I played second base with the 90 foot base paths and the runner at first tried to steal second base. I didn’t move with the runner and instead waited to see what the hitter did. The catcher had a great arm and bailed me out with a throw about six inches above the bag and I was able to catch it on the run and tag the runner for the out. The catcher threw to a bag that wasn’t covered and if he hadn’t, I would have been embarrassed.

  9. Only the 4th game but the pitching has been led by one guy not expected to make the team much more the rotation and another that was traded.

  10. Both pitchers at 28 pitches with 2 base runners allowed through 2 innings of play.

  11. A Rod not in Joe Morgan territory yet, but close enough that I’ve put the game on mute.

    • I might as well mute because I’m basically tuning out what they are talking about. Basically they are background noise.

    • He had a better chance of contact by kicking the strike 3 ball than he had swinging at it.

  12. Back tonight. Apologizing for being out on an overnight hike yesterday and the resulting loss.

      • Went from Islip Saddle up to Mt Baden Powell and spent the night there. Needed to get the bod to start adjusting to a pack for my Sierra hike in a month. Im a tad creaky tonight, but that was the goal.

          • Just on my own. My yearly Sierra hike is usually 10 days and I have not been able to talk others into that.

          • I think of it has soul maintenance. I get closer to the Lord and come away with my priorities straight usually. You really learn to let everything non essential go. Plus, I think the Southern Sierra is the most beautiful place on Earth.

          • My longest hike was about 30 miles starting at Tuolumne Meadows up Vogelsang Pass to Merced Lake and then to the top of Half Dome before heading down via Nevada and Vernal Falls to the valley.

          • Anywhere in Sequoia especially. This year I plan on going into the Kaweah Basin, a longtime wish. It will involve going down, and then slogging up out of that trench. I will say that the Kern Trench is not a favorite, but makes the areas around it all the more earned.

          • As a teenager I was able to do summer hikes in the Sierra for a couple of weeks at a time. Just gorgeous!

  13. Ready to put yesterday in the rear view mirror and start a new winning streak tonight.

  14. Hurricane Douglas is 100 miles east of Honolulu moving at 16 mph, expected to remain a Category 1 with winds of 85 mph when it goes past us (he says hopefully) to our north. That means we should get winds of 40-65 mph about the time Jansen closes out the game tonight.