All-Star Game, 2019

NL All Stars at AL All Stars, Progressive Field, Cleveland, 4:30 PM PDT, TV: Fox

Here are the All-Star Game starting pitchers, lineups and other fun facts

The Dodgers’ Hyun-Jin Ryu (10-2, 1.73 ERA) starts for the National League. This is his first appearance in the ASG and his first start. He’ll face the Astros’ Justin Verlander (10-4, 2.98 ERA), who’s making his second ASG start (2012).

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  1. Looking ahead at the upcoming games with the Sawx (and if is to be believed), it looks like the Dodgers will face nothing but lefty starters – Rodriquez, Sale, and Price – versus Maeda, Stripling, and Ryu, respectively.

  2. SI reports that “Ball Four” author and excellent NY Yankees pitcher (for a couple of seasons) Jim Bouton has died at age 80.

    MLB reported a wonderful story from two years ago about his stroke and his recovery from it.

    • For “Ball Four” alone, Bouton deserves to be in the HOF. I saw him pitch that year in Seattle.

    • That’s a crusher for me. Probably my second favorite ball player after Mr. Koufax, going all the way back to his glory years in the early ’60s. Growing up outside of NYC meant I got to see a lot of Yankee games on TV. He was the only Yankee in those days that I actively rooted for (except for that Saturday in ’63 when he pitched against Drysdale). I own all of his books. Besides Ball Four, which he updated every 10 years or so with new chapters, there was I’m Glad You Didn’t Take It Personally (about the aftermath of Ball Four), and Foul Ball.

      Foul Ball is a really interesting look at small town politics and corruption surrounding the attempted demolition of an old minor league ballpark, Wahkonah Park) in Pittsfield, MA. Bouton helped organize a group to preserve the park, uncovering a sinister plot involving toxic waste dumping in the process, told with Bouton’s usual sense of humor. Well worth reading if you haven’t.

      He was a sports guy for the local news in NYC for a few years between Ball Four and his comeback stint with the Braves, He once filled in on weather, and it was hilarious. He coinvented Big League Chew bubble gum. He is prominently featured in the documentary Knuckleball!. The DVD has extra interviews with him which are great. I will miss him.

        • As long as Doc only plays him off the bench. He’s a reasonable lefty PH. He doesn’t hit enough to be anything other than a fill in. He had to start way too many games while the others were injured.

          • He’s a useful reserve, capable of starting on occasion. Perhaps an everyday player for another team.

  3. Several questions I find myself asking all most every year in regards to the ASG:
    Why do the Dodgers not seem to do well?
    Why does the NL never win?
    And perhaps the most important question – why do I still care and get far too worked up about it?

  4. No rumours of Dodger trades this ASG. Last year Kemp was taking pictures with Manny.

    • That was an awesome change up. I looked like it had quite of arm side break.

  5. I like the mike’d up ASG. It makes it more fun and me less upset about the NL losing right now.

    • My home is for sale in New Hampshire and we are heading back to Pacific NW when and if it sells. My wife keeps showing me stuff on her computer and it takes more time to type here.

      • NH – right. I knew that, but had forgotten. I understand paying attention to your wife more than this thread!

        • She plays scrabble via facebook and scans the Internet when ballgames are on TV but she watches the game some too.

      • I don’t know how long I will watch the game. I usuually tune in for awhile but not too much. Joc was fun last night. Arenado was laughing with him after Guerrero hit his second 29 as if Joc didn’t have a chance.

        • Saw that. I still think Joc hit 30 in the first part of the second round.

          • A million dollars went to the winner and 500,000 to second so Joc might want to ask for a recount.