Game 48, 2019

Dodgers at Reds, 1:10 PM PDT, TV: FS-O, SPNLA

The Dodgers’ give LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu (5-1, 1.72 ERA) the ball in hopes he’ll continue his hot pitching. In his last two starts he’s shut out Atlanta and given up just one hit in eight innings against Washington. His control has been remarkable: he’s struck out 54 in 51 2/3 innings this season and walked three. He’ll face the Reds’ RHP Tanner Roark (3-2, 3.50 ERA), who in his last three starts has surrendered four, three and eight hits and won two of three decisions.

Buehler pitched pretty well in Saturday’s game, as shown in this video, but his teammates didn’t hit much behind him.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1988 Mike Marshall had three hits and Kirk Gibson had two as the Dodgers defeated El Presidente, Dennis Martinez, and shut out the Montreal Expos 2-0.

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149 thoughts on “Game 48, 2019

  1. San Diego beat Arizona, 2-1, Monday night. Dodgers now lead the Diamondbacks by 6 and the Padres by 7. Rockies were idle and remain 9.5 back. Giants, getting only two hits, lost to Atlanta, 4-1, and are now 10 games behind the Dodgers.

  2. Rox lose, Pads lose, Snakes lose to Gnats. Lead now 5.5 over Phoenix, 7.5 over SD, 9,5 over Denver and SF.

  3. When I see the name Roark, I am reminded of the late American writer Robert Ruark, whose writing included Africa and who died in 1965.

  4. Every Dodger outfielder bats and throws left. This reminds of the time a friend organized a softball tournament team in which every player – including the entire infield – threw and batted left. Their name was “This Ain’t Right.” They won the tournament.

    • The softball team I “Managed” on Kwaj (which meant “be sure the coolers are full of beer”) had, for a while, a high school kid (easily the best athlete on a team of late 20s – early 30s schlubs) who played SS. He was a lefty.

  5. An anomaly: Although the Dodgers have committed only 21 errors this year — only two NL teams have made fewer, both at 20 — the Dodgers have allowed the most unearned runs (24) in the NL. The Dodgers are third in NL fielding percentage.

  6. Since losing four straight in St. Louis and dropping to 8-8, the Dodgers have gone 23-9.

      • Well, at least on this afternoon, the outlier was having trouble getting outs, and that’s no lie.

      • Yeah, they will think twice on what they do, given the possibility of losing him. Won’t be his last appearance, since the last ten have been without incident.

    • Happens to relievers. Not the end all metric for management when assessing them.

  7. The Reds might be wishing they HAD reviewed that play at first when Muncy toe tapped the bag on a high throw.

    • Old friend Peraza with the HR. Gives the Reds fans who remained something to cheer about.

  8. This inning is not going into the books if Belli doubles. I’m thinking it will be called for rain.

  9. Robert Stephenson is the Reds pitcher. His middle name should be Louis. However, it is William.

    • Maybe the parents thought that would be too much pressure on their son to be a writer.

      • Yes, and Robert Louis Stevenson was not much of a baseball player, so this Stephenson could carve his own path in life.

  10. Wonder if they will get through this inning or just call it before it gets through the bottom of the 9th.

  11. Through his first two seasons, Bellinger had a career batting average of .263. Because of how incredibly well he has been hitting this season, including today’s three ABs, his career batting average is now .283. That’s a remarkable spike.

    • Wow. That is a remarkable stat! 20 point increase on your lifetime average in 2 months.

    • The first figure is by no means bad, especially for a player of his youth.

  12. Did Belli’s ball hit the top of the fence, and then bounce over? I couldn’t quite tell.

    • I thought so at first but after watching it again I think it hit on the grassy hill several feet behind the wall.

      But my eyes are not what they once were.

  13. Two bad ABs by Bellinger (followed by a walk) did not beget a third one.

  14. Wandy Peralta, meet Cody Bellinger. I guess the lefty vs. lefty switch didn’t work out.

  15. I know Ryu is locked in right now but I still hope the Dodgers keep scoring. Things happen and plus the bullpen is not a lock.

  16. Pederson now has 11 singles to go with his 14 homers, one double and two triples.

  17. The Reds starter was doing well with his high fastball out of the zone. Dodger hitters were swinging at it more than they usually do.

  18. Great inning by Ryu, including fanning Votto for the second time when he represented the potential tying run.

  19. Yelich just hit his 19th homer of the season. It was in Atlanta, only his fourth on the road this season, the remainder in his hitter’s friendly home ballpark.

      • Yes. In 318 games at Marlins Park in Miami, he has hit 18 homers. In 106 games at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Yelich has hit 37. Surprisingly, he has never homered in Colorado. In 21 games at Dodger Stadium, Yelich has homered four times.

  20. The Giants, who beat the D’backs, were the only NL West team to win yesterday, so we maintained our 4 1/2-game lead over second-place Arizona.

    • And yet you posted in plenty of time. Thanks for being an early riser in Hawaii.

      • Woke up at 0700, opened the email five minutes later, saw WBBsAs’ email and scurried over to this site to update the publication time of the post (which I wrote last night).