Game 41, 2019

Nationals at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: MASN, SPNLA

The Nationals send RHP Aníbal Sánchez (0-5, 5.15 ERA) out to face the Dodgers’ RHP Kenta Maeda (3-2, 4.66 ERA) in the middle second game of this three-game four-game series. Sánchez has lost four straight starts and walked at least four in four of his six starts this year. Maeda has done just a little better; he’s walked at least two in four of his seven starts.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1953 With a double and home run, Roy Campanella drives in all the runs in the Dodgers’ 5-0 victory over the Phillies at Ebbets Field. Campy’s total of 40+ RBIs in the first 30 games will not be matched until Tino Martinez accomplishes the feat in 1997 with the Yankees.
  • 1955 Dodger right-hander Don Newcombe faces only 27 batters when he one-hits Chicago at Wrigley Field, 3-0. Gene Baker, who will be thrown out trying to steal second base, ruins Newk’s bid for perfection, with a fourth-inning single.

Other historical notes: on this day in 1909 Fred Toney completes the longest no-hitter in organized baseball history, a 1-0 victory over the Lexington Colts of the Blue Grass League. As word spread around town about the Class D Winchester Hustlers right-hander’s performance on the mound, fans continued to stream into the ballpark before the lone run of the contest scored on a squeeze play in the bottom of the 17th. And if you thought the Phillies’ Ben Chapman was bigoted only toward African-Americans, think again. On this date in 1934 Ben Chapman, who will lead the protest against Jackie Robinson in 1947, harasses a Jewish fan during a Yankees’ 13-3 victory of the White Sox at the Bronx ballpark. The New York left fielder shouts disparaging epithets and taunts the team’s supporter with Nazi salutes.

Lineup when available.

121 thoughts on “Game 41, 2019

  1. Yesterday Joey Gallo got his 100th home run in the big leagues. He hasn’t got 100 singles yet.

    Joc this season is on the same path: “Pederson has more home runs than singles (12-10).”

  2. Trainer just appeared to say something to Doc that got a strong reaction. Something on Seager?

    • Stealing important innings from later in the season? If he is on a strict inning count then I wonder about the need for him to close this one out.

      • Current pace would put him around 100 innings for the year (that includes 4 starts). They probably don’t want him to do much more than that.

  3. And I had been thinking of posting that I didn’t think that Freese, batting fourth, could protect Bellinger. Shame on me.

    • Heck, Jeff Kent didn’t think that Bonds offered him any protection.

      • I wonder what it was like in the Giants’ locker room with Kent and Bonds as your teammates. There would probably be a good book about that if one hasn’t already been written.

  4. I was there for Julio’s win in the division series at 19 years old in 2016. Had a seat for Link, but he had a late flight into DC. That’s when Klayton came in for the two-out save after Kenley when 2.1 innings.

  5. Maeda won’t get the chance to be the last out in the 6th as he was in the 2nd and 4th.

    • But Joc will bat first in the 7th inning as he did in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th.

  6. Pads have lost to Rox, Acuña just put Barves ahead of Snakes with a dinger in the eighth. Gnats getting blanked through six by Rojos’ Castillo, with ten K’s.

    • Maybe Bellinger can catch one or two of those guys in the hundreds.

    • Pederson needs 92 more home runs to tie Snider this year. 121 games to go.

      • But still below his usual pitch count. Probably gassed after the pressure of facing Joc, Max and Cody to start the inning.

  7. Bellinger has cooled off since hurting his wrist. Of course he wasn’t likely to maintain a .400 average etc. But it will be fun to see him drive the ball again.

  8. Barves blow a golden opportunity in seventh, first and third with nobody out, bad baserunning followed by bad hitting.

  9. Snakes have tied the Barves in the sixth, but Pads still 9-2 behind Rox in the seventh and Gnats trail Rojos 4-0 after 3-1/2.

  10. Dodger bats have gone quiet so far this series. 3 hits tonight by their seemingly most productive hitters. Still – glad to have the early lead.

  11. Joc’s stride put his foot in the middle of the bag, otherwise might have beaten it out.

  12. Joe taking about virtual reality machines that simulate facing individual pitchers. Recall visiting Southern League museum in Birmingham that had a primitive version of this and facing Satchel Paige.

  13. The Rojos have a 4-0 lead over the Gnats in the second – probably sufficient at Software Stadium – and the Barves are 1-0 over Greinke in the fifth.

  14. Except for that dropped pop yesterday, Muncy’s D has been really great lately.

  15. Pederson has 24 hits this season: 10 singles, one double, two triples and 11 home runs.

    • Last Dodger to be .400+ with this many at bats was Jackie in 1951. Finished the season at .338. From Plunkett.

  16. The season is one-fourth over in the middle of tonight’s game. So if you want to forecast, you can take what everybody has done and multiply it by four (except for those, such as Kershaw and Hill, who were late to the party this year).

    • This would mean Bellinger would become the Dodgers first ever 50+ HR hitter in franchise history.

  17. Rox have taken a big lead on the Pads, 9-0 in the fourth, but it’s still Coors.

      • He’s not challenging anybody, just nibbling. I like Urías, but there are also good AAA options in Gonsolin and May.

        • Julio has the innings limit and the others probably better to keep on the farm for now.

          • They could appear later in the year. I appreciate the caution with Julito, given his medical history, and he’s still young.

          • Pretty sure that they will try to give both of them a good look, with Ryu and Hill both possibly gone next year.

  18. It’s a four game series. Scherzer-Buehler tomorrow and Strasburg-Ryu Sunday.

    • So much for the time spent ruminating on him and his acquisition by the Dodgers.

          • Yeah, unless replacing an injured player, doesn’t Rocky need to be down for ten days before being recalled?

          • I think he has been gone that long – d’Arnaud replaced Beaty, who’d been on the roster for several days after Martin was activated.

          • Apparently the Rays lost both their catchers to the IL this week, so they really needed someone.

            “You have to have a catcher because if you don’t you’re likely to have a lot of passed balls.’ – Casey Stengel